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Following the Candle Light Lord's Supper
December 21, 2016 - Click for larger image.

CSBC Food Pantry - Click here for more information and Public Notification.

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Our Vision Statement:
We are a loving and compassionate family of God who prayerfully commit to go and bring people to Jesus Christ, teach people to be like Christ, show God's love by helping people, and enjoy God in worship.

Welcome to College Street Baptist Church

Worship with us ONLINE each Sunday morning at 10:00 am on YouTube Live. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, all on-campus activities and services are suspended until further notice.

This Easter Sunday, April 12, our online service will celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The service begins at 10:00 am, April 12th, on our CSBC YouTube Channel.

Click here to download the Zoom Client software.

Video Tutorials
CSBC Children, Youth, Sunday School, and Other Online Meetings Can Be Held Using Virtual Software
Contact Lauren, Joe, Randy, Jon, or Mike for more information and assistance

Let us know if you schedule a meeting and would like to have it announced here and by CSBC email. The next virtual Deacon Zoom Meeting is scheduled for Sunday Morning, May 4th @ 8:00 am. The meeting ID and password will be emailed to each Deacon.

Email From Lauren Beddingfield,
Director of Student Ministries
March 31, 2020

Hello All,

We are all very much concerned about keeping all of our congregants safe and informed. Per suggestion of Linda and Don, I asked Tracy Tichenor to make an Online Worship Questionnaire.

By clicking this link (or creating a printable version for those without email), our members can give us important input as to how we continue online in the future. Perhaps gaining some of this valuable insight will help us reach our membership better.

Also, there are avenues for meeting for those who donít feel comfortable doing so in person. For example, I have used the Zoom platform to meet with the children, youth, and my Girl Scouts via video conference. Zoom can be accessed on phone, tablet, or computer (PC or Mac) and the first 40 minutes of the video for up to 100 people in the call are free (options for unlimited minutes are available).

Lauren Beddingfield

Online Morning Worship Services Are Archived Online

When you visit our YouTube channel, we invite you to click the subscribe button. If you subscribe and have notifications turned on, you will be alerted when new videos are added. Thanks and appreciation are extended to Lauren Beddingfield and Jon Haney for their equipment, expertise, and dedication in producing the worship service videos!

The April 5th, 2020 Palm Sunday worship service featured observance of Communion, as the online congregation shared in the Lord's supper with their own bread and wine or grape juice. The service included special music from Ray Conway and Paul Tichenor, along with a video clip of the Upper Room Communion scene from our 2018 Passion Play He Lives. Retired Pastor Don Bickers delivered the sermon: Palm Sunday's Celebration, Mark 11:1-10.

In the Sunday morning, March 29, 2020 Morning Worship Service, Rev. Don Bickers brings the message: Our Own March Madness. His scriptural text is from Psalm 107:23-32, focusing on v. 27: "At Their Wit's End".

In the March 22, 2020 Morning Worship Service, Don's message was: "Sheltering in Place", (Psalm 121:1-3).

Here are audio-only links to CSBC Online Worship Services:

Palm Sunday's Celebration - Mark 11:1-10 - April 5, 2020
Our Own March Madness - Psalms 107:23-32 - March 29, 2020
Sheltering in Place - Psalms 121:1-3 - March 22, 2020

CSBC Food Bank Volunteers Continue to Serve!

Thanks to all the volunteers who keep our food pantry open and serving families in our community. Eugenia and Greg modified the procedures to allow "drive through" operation while keeping recommended health and safety policies in effect. Don visited the CSBC Food Pantry on Tuesday, March 24, 2020 and took these pictures.  Our thanks are also extended to the many other volunteers who keep the food bank functioning.

Click each thumbnail image for larger pictures.

Online Covid-19 News and Information Links

CSBC Information and Schedule Updates

April, 2020 Newsletter

April, 2020 Calendar
Due to COVID 19, all activities at CSBC have been suspended through April 2, 2020. All scheduled activities shown in newsletter and calendar are tentative, depending on upcoming state and national news information. Even though we are not meeting physically, we are asking God to show us how we can BE THE CHURCH during this difficult time.

Decisions made at the March 18, 2020 meeting of Deacons and CSBC staff

We are attempting to reduce the possibility of the Coronavirus and other viruses being spread from person to person. Effective immediately regular services and activities on College Street campus have been suspended until further notice.  Review of the situation will be made periodically, with the goal of returning to normal services as soon as possible. Please be patient and understanding as we make this difficult transition. Your prayers for our staff and others are always appreciated. 

Our Sunday morning worship service will be provided ONLINE at 10:00 am each Sunday morning.  Although the sanctuary will be closed to visitors and guests, the service will include music by small groups and individuals, announcements by Ray and Lauren, and the message by Don Bickers. The service is at this YouTube Link.

The College Street Food Bank program will continue, but with a "drive through" pickup of groceries. (Click here for more information on the CSBC Food Pantry)

Our new church office schedule will be 9:00 am through 3:00 pm Monday through Thursday, and 9:00 am to Noon on Friday.

From Rev. Don Bickers - March 17, 2020

Dear College Street Baptist Church Family,  

I am forwarding an email from a pastor friend of mine that will be a real encouragement to everyone who will take time to watch this message that was delivered on Sunday by Dr. David Jeremiah.  I had the pleasure of meeting him in Greenville some years ago at a breakfast and then in the Bi-Lo Center.  Please take time to watch it with your family this week. You will be hearing more from the church staff and deacons after a meeting that they have ask me to attend tomorrow to discuss our next steps forward dealing with this virus crisis.  

In Christ's Service Together,   Rev. Don Bickers - Retired Pastor - "Supply Preacher" 

"I thought this message might be a blessing to you as well. It is not a typical Turning Point production. Itís just me, as a pastor, sharing my heart and Godís Word about how we can respond biblically to these interruptions. I hope you will watch it on Facebook and be encouraged. If you don't have access to Facebook, it is also available to watch on YouTube."

Sunday, March 8, 2020 Morning Worship Service

Our CSBC Worship Team during Sunday, March 8 Morning Worship

Listen as Rev. Don Bickers delivers the message:
What Time Is It?
Scriptural Text: I Chronicles 12:32

Many more sermons are available in our Audio Archive.

Sunday, March 1, 2020 Morning Worship Service

Ray leads the CSBC Worship Team and Choir during Sunday, March 1 Morning Worship

Listen as Rev. Don Bickers delivers the message:
"Dealing With An Anxious Heart"
Scriptural Text: Philippians 4:6-7

Many more sermons are available in our Audio Archive.

Sunday, January 26, 2020 Morning Worship Service
Baptist Men's Day

Ray Conway leads the CSBC Men's Ensemble during the January 26, 2020 Morning Worship Service.

Listen to the Baptist Men's Day Morning Worship Service as the Men's Ensemble sings, and Scott Wooten and Allan Addis bring their testimonies!

CSBC Baptist Men's Day - Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Men's Ensemble sings at 9 minutes 54 seconds into the recording.
Scott's testimony begins at 14:18
Allan's testimony begins at 37:00
Many more sermons are available in our Audio Archive.

Youth Ministry Registration and Permission Form
(use for grades 6 and above)

Parents and Guardians: Submit the following form to register your middle school student and give
 permission to attend College Street Baptist Church YOUTH Programs and to ride the church bus.

Click here for the YOUTH Ministry Registration and Permission Form
for grades 6 and above.

Children's Ministry Registration and Permission Form
(use this form for age 4 through grade 5)

Parents and Guardians: Submit the following form to register your child and give permission for your child to attend College Street Baptist Church CHILDREN'S Programs and to ride the church bus.

Click here for the CHILDREN'S' Ministry Registration and Permission Form
for age 4 through grade 5.

Sponsored by College Street Baptist Church
For more information, please call 864-638-2986

An Online Giving option is now available

Online giving is not replacing any of the traditional ways we already give, but is an additional option to those who prefer to make their donations by computer, cell phone, or other mobile device... Click here for instructions and more information.

The Direct Link for Online Giving: www.easytithe.com/csbc
A free EasyTithe App is also available in both the Android and Apple App stores.

The Staff of College Street

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